What is GATE Exam?

What is GATE exam? It is probably one of the most searched and discussed query among the technical course pursuing students. The craze for professional education in India is far greater as compared to the other of countries of the globe. According to various surveys, it was found that India is the home to world’s largest technical educated workforce. Every year millions and millions of technical students graduate from the different college of India. These students are graduates from the various central government undertaking, state government under and private undertaking colleges, who knocks the door of opportunity every year after the completion of their degrees in different streams so as to fulfill their dreams.

gate exam

Over the years, the graph of this technical graduate student has seen a high elevation, and it is still going up even though there is a huge completion in this field. At the present scenario, it has become the condition of survival of the fittest where the demand for technical students is not as per the supply, and this is creating a significant group of people known as technical unemployed people. The burden on the government to create more and more technical job opportunities has been increasing day by day. The question of what is GATE exam? has got so much importance because it gives every technical student a platform to compete with their best with their counterpart so that they can go to the best organization, institutions, and opportunity which they have aspired. It is not that what is GATE exam has suddenly got the overnight fame, in fact, it is one of the toughest and challenging exam for the technical or engineering aspirants.

What is GATE exam?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering in an all India level examination, conducted by the Indian Institute of Science in cooperation with seven Indian Institutes of Technology on behalf of the National Coordination Board- GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource development (MHRD), and Government of India. The GATE committee which consists of representatives from the governing institutes is the sole authority for conducting the examination and declaring the results. The GATE is conducted and controlled by eight zones which are

  • Zone 1 IISC, Bangalore
  • Zone 2 IIT, Mumbai
  • Zone 3 IIT, Delhi
  • Zone 4 IIT, Guwahati
  • Zone 5 IIT, Kanpur
  • Zone 6 IIT, Kharagpur
  • Zone 7 IIT, Madras
  • Zone 8 IIT, Roorkee
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What is Gate Exam? – What are the criteria?

After knowing what is GATE exam? the second most important question that makes every aspirant rack their brain is what are the GATE criteria. An applicant for the GATE exam has to fulfill some criteria before actually sitting for the exam. These criteria are mentioned below

  • The candidate with Bachelor Degree in Engineering/ Technology/ Architecture ( 4 years after 10+2 ) and those who are in the final year of such program.
  • Candidates with Master Degree in any branch of Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Computer Application or its equivalent and those who are in the final year of such program.
  • M.E./ M. tech. ( post- B.sc. ) in engineering/ technology ( 4 years program) currently in the 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th year or already completed
  • Integrated Master’s degree program or Dual Degree program in Engineering/ Technology ( 5-year program ) currently in the 4th/ 5th year or already completed.
  • Integrated M.sc. or five years integrated B.S., M.S. program currently in final year or already completed
  • E./ B. Tech./ B. Arch. Equivalent examination of professional society, recognized by MHRD/ UPSC/AICTE( e.g. AMIE by Institution of Engineering- India AMICE by the Institute of Civil Engineering- India)

If a candidate is pursuing any of the above-mentioned degrees or already obtained a degree higher than that mentioned in the above, then the candidate can select the relevant minimum required qualifying degree while filling the application. In case, a candidate gas passed one of the qualifying exams as mentioned above in previous year or earlier then he/she has to submit the degree certificate/ provisional certificate/ professional certificate/ membership certificate/ course completion certificate issued by the society or institute. In case, the candidate is expected to complete one of the qualifying criteria for the commencing year or later as mentioned above, he/ she has to submit a certificate from the principal or a copy of marks card for section A of AMIE.

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Moreover, the candidates with backlogs in any subject should submit a copy of the marks sheets of the final year. Or have to obtain the declaration from the principal along with the signature and the seal beforehand and upload the same during the online submission of the application form.

Therefore after racking our brain for the queries like what is GATE exam and what are the criteria, the image is a lot clear as compared to the perspective that we have been carrying through till now.

What is Gate Exam? – Question pattern of GATE exam

In all question of GATE exam, there will be 65 questions carrying 100 marks, out of which 10 questions carrying a total of 15 marks re in General Aptitude (GA). In the paper bearing the code AE, AG, BT, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, IN, ME, MN, MT, PE, PI, TF and XE, the Engineering Mathematics will carry around 15% of the marks, the General Aptitude section will carry 15% of the total marks and the remaining 70% of the total marks is devoted to the subject of the paper. In the papers giving codes AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, and XL, the General Aptitude section will carry 15% of the total marks and the remaining 85% of the total marks will be carried by the paper.

The GATE question may have two section consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Numerical Answer Question. The MCQ carrying 1 or 2 marks each in all paper and sections, question are objective type in nature, and each will have a choice of four answers, out of which the candidate has to mark the correct answer. The numerical answer question of 1 or 2 marks each in all paper and section, for these questions the answer is a real number, to be entered by the candidate using the virtual keypad. No choice will be shown for this type of questions.


What is Gate Exam? – Marking system of GATE exam

For 1-mark multiple-choice question, 1/3 will be deducted for a wrong answer. Likewise, for 2 marks multiple choice question, 2/3 marks will be deducted for a wrong answer. There is no negative marking for numerical answer type questions.

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Gate formula for calculating the score of the candidate is given below:

GATE SCORE = Sq+ ( St – Sq ) ( M – Mq ) / ( Mt – Mq )

M: marks obtained by the candidate i.e. the actual marks for the single session paper and normalized marks for multiple session papers.

Mq: is the qualifying mark for the general category candidate in the paper.

Mt: is the mean of the marks of the 0.1% or the top 10 of the candidate who appeared in the paper.

Sq: 350 is the score assigned to Mq

St: 900 is the score assigned to Mt

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