Types Of Walls In Building

types of walls in a structureWhile constructing a walls one should now the types of walls. According to types of walls one should constructt walls for the purpose of supporting or partition. Walls are one of the most essential component of the building.The main thing and primary function of the walls are to enclose or to divide space of the building. Walls provide privacy, security and give protection against sun, heat, rain and cold. Walls provide support to the roofs and floors. So the types of walls should be designed such that to reach the following aspects.

Aspects of types of walls in building:-

(i) The walls should be durable.
(ii) It should have strength and stability
(iii) The walls should be fire resistance.
(iv) Also the walls should be weather resistance.
(v) It should also be thermal and sound insulated.
Walls should be defined as the vertical load bearing member, the width of it exceeds four times the thickness. In contrast to this a column is an isolated load bearing member, the width of which does not exceed four times the thickness. Below we define the types of walls.

Types of walls are of two types :-

1.Load Bearing Walls  2.Non-Load Bearing Walls
1.Load Bearing Walls:-These are those types of walls which are designed to carry super-imposed loads, in addition to their own weight. Further load bearing walls are classified into following types of walls.
(i)Solid Masonry Walls – These walls are built of individual blocks of materials, such as bricks, concrete blocks, stones.It is built in horizontal courses, cemented together the materials with suitable mortar. In solid masonry walls, the walls are constructed of the same type throughout its thickness.
(ii)Cavity Walls – These types of walls comprises two leaves, in which each leaf is being built of structural units and separated by a cavity and tied together with metal ties to ensure that the two leaf acts as one structural units.
(iii)Faced Walls:-The walls in which the facing and backing are of two different materials which are bonded together to ensure common action under load.
(iv)Veneered Walls:-The walls in which the facing is attached to the backing but are not so bonded that they result in a common action under load.
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2.Non-Load Bearing Walls:-These walls can carry their own load only.They are generally used as partition walls.The external non-load bearing walls, related to frame structure is termed as panel walls.It is further classified into different types of walls :-
(i)Partition Walls :- Partition walls is a thin walls which is constructed to divide the space in the building into rooms or areas.It may be either load bearing walls or non-load bearing walls.
(ii)Party Walls :- Party walls are those types of walls which separates adjoining buildings belonging to different owners or occupied by different persons.
(iii)Separating Walls :- These walls separating different occupying thing within the same building.
(iv)Curtain Walls :- These types of walls are self supporting wall carrying no other vertical loads but subjected to lateral loads.
(v)Cross Walls :- It is the particular form of load bearing walls in which the loads are carry by the internal walls.
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