Types of bridges

Bridges are the point of construction where it have large span or it bridging the span gaps over a long distance.It have an idea of joining two distant point to reduce the distance.Now we are going to know the different types of bridges and know all about the civil engineering.

Types of bridges:-

Beam Bridges

beam bridgeshA beam bridges are built by concrete,steel beams and box griders.It is used to built for highways over bridge and flyovers.It has horizontal beam support at the ends.It is designed in such a way that the top surface of the bridge is compressed and the bottom surface is under tension i.e. it doesn’t get bent under the heavy load and it remains straight.It is simplest among all the different types of bridge.

Cantilever Bridge

cantileverThis types of bridges are supported at the one end only and also it carry the heavy loads.It is projected along the X-axis direction in space which can make a use of trusses or box grinders.In suspended designs of span the extended arms from opposite ends doesn’t meet at the center but in cantilever beam, the cantilever arms extended meets at  the center from the opposite ends.

Suspension Bridge

suspensionThis bridge are suspended from cables.The load bear by the bridge are converted to tension by the cables and it is transferred to the towers.It have long span distance.Cables are stretched up to the dock level beyond the pillars to the anchors and the load bears to the vertical cables.It also resist the earthquake and its construction cost is less because it requires less construction materials.So this is the another types of bridges.

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Arch Bridge

archThis types of bridges are in arched shape.It supported at the ends.This type of bridges are used to be constructed in ancient times and now this design is converted in arch suspended types of bridges.The different arch bridges ares deck arch,moon arch,point arch.

Truss Bridge

trussIt is the oldest form of bridge which is built by connecting straight material with the help of pin joints.This types of bridges are mainly used in train lines which have triangular iron blocks connected at the joints.

Draw Bridge

Draw bridgeThis types of bridges are movable like the circumference.It is built on such place where the heavy tides of water arises or due to the water ways traffic.It opens like a door and lifted vertically through its center.

Cable-stayed Bridge

cableThere are two types of cables harp and fan that bears the load.This bridge structure is similar to the suspension bridge.Cables attached multi-points of the tower in parallel way is called Harp design and in fan design cables are connected to the towers.

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