Top Construction Companies in India

Over the years, the construction field has seen a dramatic change in its approach. The categorization of construction companies in elite list of top construction companies in India gives us the outlook of their approach, level of change that they are capable of handling, efficiency at work, level of engineering they had practiced, the amount or no project they have completed with great precision, sizes of project they are generally handling and how much they are contributing to the growth of India’s economy. This list of top construction companies in India does not centralize their work in India. In fact, this list of top construction companies shows the global standing of these firms. In today’s time, the tag mark of a sound infrastructure is something that every city wants to born, and these top construction companies in India are making it possible so that the dream of becoming a major nation can easily be fulfilled and narrow the gap between native and foreign technologies and engineering techniques.

top construction companies in India

Apart from marking new pinnacles of engineering these top construction companies in India are also sources of jobs in various cities of India which simultaneously narrowing the gap between the employment and unemployment. The path construction field has never been that smooth as it the cover page of the book looks to be. These top construction companies in India soil also has to face various ups and downs before entering into this elite class of construction firms, which shows their might and wealth to sustain even in the worse condition.

Job opportunities provided by the top construction companies in India

The top construction companies in India plays a significant role in rolling great jobs in Indian soil as well as in foreign land. Most of these top construction companies are multi-national companies and are capable of running in multi-million dollar projects which require sophisticated technology and manpower both in the Indian and foreign soil. The various vacancies that are shown by top construction companies in India are site engineers, project managers, environmental engineers, structural engineers, architectural engineers, MEP consultants, geotechnical engineers and various other non-civil engineering jobs like an accountant, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers, etc. Over the years the graph of job opportunities rolled out by the top construction companies in India has been a roller-coaster because of the market rift and many other factors, but the availability of employment and opportunities for these firms is never going to dry off.

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Job opportunities in top construction companies of India

The employment opportunities provided by these top construction companies in India mainly depended upon the various development strategies of the Indian government. It is believed that there is a definite possibility of the boost in the job opportunities as the Indian government in recent past rolled out many important projects related to the infrastructural development, which could change the varied face of Indian infrastructure in front of the global stage. However, creating job opportunities is also a significant challenge for the government in power in today’s world of inflation and rapid population growth. Here is a list of some of the most prominent top construction companies in India.

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List of top construction companies in India

1. Larsen and Toubro- It is also known as L&T, is an Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It was founded by Danish engineers taking refuge in India, as well as an Indian financing partner. The company has business interests in engineering, construction, manufacturing goods, information technology, and financial services, and also has an office in the Middle-East and other parts of Asia. L&T is described as the India’s largest engineering and Construction Company by NDTV in 2013 as a “bellwether of India’s engineering & construction sector”, moreover, L&T was recognized as the Company of the Year in Economic Times 2010 awards among the other top construction companies in India.

2. Tata Project Limited- Founded in the year 1972 and headquartered in West Bengal, Tata Projects is one of the fastest growing and most admired infrastructure companies in India. It has expertise in executing large and complex industrial infrastructure projects. The company operates through 4 Strategic Business Units – Industrial Infrastructure, Urban Infrastructure, Quality Services and Utility Services.

3. Jaypee Group- Founded in 1979, theJaypee Group is a conglomerate based in Noida, India. It was founded by Jaiprakash Gaur which is involved in well-diversified infrastructure conglomerate with business interests in Engineering & Construction, Power, Cement, Real Estate, Hospitality, Expressways, IT, Sports & Education (not-for-profit). At present over 80,000 employees are working with Jaypee group. The important matter of fact is that Jaypee is India’s first largest cement producer and the largest private sector hydropower company with 1,700 MW in operation.

4. Punj Lloyd- Punj Lloyd is an engineering and construction group of India providing integrated design, procurement, and project management services for energy and infrastructure sector project. The company provides integrated design, engineering pre-construction, maintenance and project management services in the oil and gas, energy and infrastructure sectors. Besides having its corporate headquarter in New Delhi, India, its various regional and other offices all around the world.

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5. Essar Group– Essar group is an India conglomerate, founded in the year 1969 by Shashi Ruia and Ravi Ruia, and headquartered in Mumbai is one of the top construction companies in India. With operation in more than 25 countries, Essar incorporates over 73000 employees, which helps in providing the assistance to the company, in making itself as one leader in steel energy, infrastructure, and services globally.


6. Ircon Internationals– The company was established in 1976, by the Government of India under The Companies Act, 1956. IRCON registered as the Indian Railway Construction Company Limited, a wholly owned entity of the Ministry of Railways. It is an engineering and construction company, specialized in transport infrastructure. Ircon has completed over 300 major infrastructure projects in India and 100 major projects across the globe in more than 21 countries.

7. Gammon India- Among the other construction companies of in Mumbai, it is also based in Mumbai and founded in the year 1922, Gammon is the largest civil engineering construction company India. Among all the top construction companies in India. Gammon India has a bigger share of the Indian market of construction. The main area of expertise includes bulk storage structure, energy projects, ground engineering and environmental projects, hydraulic and engineering works, marine structure, etc.

8. Hindustan construction company- Headquartered Mumbai and founded in 1929, Hindustan Construction Company is a public-private company. Its area of business spans the sectors of engineering and construction, real estate, infrastructure, urban development, and Management. Some of the leading projects handled by HCC includes Bandra-Worli sea link, Mumbai, Delhi Faridabad skyway, Bogibeel railroad bridge project over Brahmaputra, Assam and many more.

9. IVRCL- Headquartered in Hyderabad, IRVCL has started its commercial project since the year 1990 and established itself as a premier EPC and LSTK Service Provider with front-end engineering capabilities in 1990. IRVCL has proven its authority in the sectors of water and environment, transportation, building and industrial structures and power, and became one of the top construction companies in India. Moreover, IRVCL also achieved a turnover of around 1800 Crores within just a decade and a half of operation.

10. KEC International Ltd.- One of the largest power transmission EPC companies in the world and second largest manufacturer of electric power towers, based in Mumbai; part of the RPG group; deals in Turkey projects for power transmission lines, railway electrification, sub-stations, power distribution network, etc. KEC International Ltd. employees over 3200 employees and have revenue of around 1.1 billion dollars which makes one of the top construction companies in India.

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11. IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd.- Integrated infrastructure development company in Mumbai engaged in the construction and operation of the main road projects and tunnels; has built more than 1200 km of roads; its largest BOT project includes the Mumbai- Pune expressway, and NH-4.

12. MBL Infrastructure ltd.- The company engaged in the construction and maintenance of roads and highways, industrial infrastructure projects and other civil engineering projects of various government bodies and other clients; also involved in BOT projects, steel trading, etc.

13. Shahpurji Pallonji and Co. Ltd.- Shahpurji Pallonji and Co. Ltd is a private conglomerate founded in the year 1865 and headquartered in Mumbai is one of the top construction companies in India. Shahpurji Pallonji and Co. Ltd provides services in the sectors of infrastructure, textiles, real estate, security system, industrial engineering, appliances, and power. In 2015, Shahpurji Pallonji and Co. Ltd. calculated total revenue of 2.5 billion dollars employing a total of 23,000 employees.

14. Simplex Infrastructure Limited- Construction company, based in Kolkata; deals in massive industrial projects, pilling jobs, ports, and bridges, power projects, soil investigation, commercial and residential complexes, etc.

15. GMR Group- Founded in 1978 by Grandhi Mallikarjun Rao is an infrastructural company headquarters in Bangalore. Employing the PPP model, the group has successfully implemented several important infrastructure projects in India. Having a workforce of 10000 employees, it gathered a total revenue of 1.6 billion dollars, making it one of the top construction companies in India.

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