Top Civil Engineering Android Apps

Top civil engineering android appsNow a days, the uses of smart or android mobiles and top civil engineering android apps are common. Everyone is in touch of android phones and using android apps. But many of you are not aware of these free top civil engineering android apps. This era is now comes with the advancement in technology. People afford such things which provides ease to them. They are also giving space to them with this advancement in technology.

Why people are using top civil engineering android apps?

The most probably answer comes between the users are as these android applications saves there time and any time these applications can be access. By the portability of android mobiles and touch screen, this makes android apps user friendly. Many people of different fields are using different android apps such as civil engineers uses top civil engineering android apps, mechanical engineers uses top mechanical engineering android apps, some uses for studying and jobs updates and so on.

Many civil engineering students and civil engineers also access many android apps some of the common apps are Opera-mini, UC Browser, Google Chrome and many more. Which helps them exploring more on the Internet. Many of civil engineers also access top civil engineering android apps of there works. These top civil engineering android apps are easy to use and are free of cost. Such civil engineering android apps are developed for our ease and exploring the knowledge and basics of civil engineering.

Benefits of using top civil engineering android apps

Using these top civil engineering android apps helps in calculation, helps in different topics such as surveying topics, civil engineering questions and answers, electrical measuring devices, surveying topics and many more. This top civil engineering android apps not only helps to civil engineers in their field work, structural Design or construction purpose but also helps civil engineering students who are studying. These android apps also covers some basic topics of civil engineering and civil engineering questions and answers. Below are the list of top civil engineering android apps.

List of top civil engineering android apps

1. Civil engineering by Blackcup 

Features of this android apps – 

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Download this app from google play storeCLICK HERE

2. Civil Answers by Engineering Apps

Civil Answers app have latest & advanced Question Answers & videos, for Civil Engineering, Diploma and Engineering in Mechanical, Automobile & Production Engineering. this App includes Job Services for Civil Engineering.

This App is very useful for Civil Engineer, ITI & Engineering Students.

In this app shortcut links are provided to all Top Sites. You can use this App as Web browser.


Features of this top civil engineering android application :-

  • Civil Engineering Questions & Answers
  • Civil Engineering Quiz
  • Advanced videos for Civil and engineers
  • Educational videos for Civil Engineering & Engineering Students
  • Civil Engineering educational videos
  • Civil Engineering educational apps
  • Fun educational videos for Civil Engineering
  • Educational video and apps for engineers
  • Educational Civil videos free
  • Teacher apps
  • Teacher videos
  • Learning with fun
  • Educational video for automobile engg
  • Educational videos for polytechnic
  • Learning videos for mechanical engineer
  • Recognize education app
  • Educational videos for diploma engineering
  • Train memory
  • Improve Knowledge.
  • Have links to all top websites on net.
  • App provide special offers
  • Job Services

Download this app from google play storeCLICK HERE

3. Civil Engineering Basics offered by Easy Engineering

Civil engineering is the second-oldest engineering discipline and is one of most important professional engineering discipline till date.

This App is a FREE handbook for CIVIL Engineering Grads, which covers all the major topics in brief. You can consider this App as a note which professors guides with in a classroom.

The App covers more than 60 topics of the Basics of Civil Engineering. These topics are divided in 4 units.

Some of topics Covered in this application are:

1. Accuracy of angle measurement
3. Definition of horizontal and vertical angles
4. Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)
7. Potentiometer
8. Micrometers
9. Height Gauge
10. Stick Micrometers
11. Inside Micrometer
12. Field of civil engineering and their scope
13. Impact of Infrastructural Development on the Economy of a Country
14. Role of Civil Engineers
15. Importance of Planning, Scheduling and Construction Management
16. Introduction of Surveying and levelling
17. Equipment
18. Levelling procedures
19. Object and Uses of Surveying
20. Primary Divisions of Surveying
22. Firm Joint Type
23. Measuring angles and setting out angles
24. Types and uses of compass
25. Bearing
26. Magnetic Declination
28. Procedure of Measuring Bearing with Prismatic Compass
31. Sources of Error
32. Levelling
33. Object and Uses
34. Terms Used in Levelling
35. Leveling Instruments
36. Methods of Levelling
37. Use of a Planimeter
38. Introduction to Global Positioning System,
39. Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System
40. Technical Components of Remote Sensing
41. Remote Sensors
42. Types of Construction Materials
43. Properties and Importance of Civil Engineering Materials like Stone
44. Importance of Civil Engineering Materials like Bricks
45. Importance of Civil Engineering Materials like Lime
46. Importance of Civil Engineering Materials like Cement
47. Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals
48. Ceramic Materials
49. Timber
50. Sand
51. Aggregates for Concrete
52. Mortar and Concrete
53. Paints
55. Plastics
56. Watershed Development
57. Water Requirements and its Conservation
58. Basic Introduction of Hydraulic Structures of Storage (Only Dams),
59. Role of Transportation
60. Elements of Traffic Engineering and Traffic Control
61. BOT & BOOT Projects for Highways

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This is also Applicable to all the students who belong to related sub-disciplines of engineering including architectural, environmental, geotechnical, control, structural, earthquake, transportation, forensic, municipal or urban planning, water resources, materials, waste water, offshore, facade, quantity surveying, coastal, construction surveying, and construction.

Download this app from google play storeCLICK HERE

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4. Civil Engineering offered by Bilgi

Handbook of Civil Engineers. Lecture and note archive.

Civil Engineering app includes:

✓ 3.000+ topics, documents, book words with images
✓ Dictionary / Construction Terms
Building Design and Construction
✓ Structural Analysis
✓ Concrete
✓ Earthquake Engineering
✓ Managamet Of Construction

✓ Surveying, ✓ Concrete Construction, ✓ Soil Mechanics and Foundations, ✓ Structural Steel Construction, ✓ Concrete Construction, ✓ Wood Construction, ✓ Roof Systems, ✓ Mortars, ✓ Building Planning, ✓ Super Structures

Facebook and Twitter Social accounts
✓ Absolutely FREE
✓ You can use OFFLINE, search documents and add favorite
Add/See favorites topics
✓ Search topics

Download this app from google play store – CLICK HERE

5. Civil Sutra by Himanshu Dhingia

The site personnel spend lot of their time, effort and energy in searching various data, details even for the routine jobs. And sometimes it is very frustrating to do the manual calculation on site. But this time your efforts and energy could be easily saved if all the normally required information is available to you. Civil Sutra is the tool that will matchup with all your needs. Civil Sutra is specially designed for the site engineers, site supervisor, contractors and Architects to provide vital and helpful information. Civil Sutra designed to facilitate the calculation and designing work . Civil Sutra contains standard tables and formulas that will make your work effortless.

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If you are an engineer you probably already know sometimes how hard it is to do the manual calculation on site and searching for various data and details. Maybe sometimes you think there must be a better way to solving the routine problems that make my work easy, effortless and less painful. If you think so, the Civil Sutra is exact solution for you that you have been looking for a very long time. With Civil Sutra you can do tedious task just in few clicks.

Download this app from google play storeCLICK HERE

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