The Longest Highway Of India

NH7Civil engineering is the profession which also deals with the construction of highway. Longest highway of India is NH 7. Its been a tough task to work on highway construction and also with the project of constructing longest highway of India. Highways gives a way to join two or more major cities and makes the transportation cost cheap. This longest highway of India connects with the seven major states of India which gives a easy transportation to people and provides best services.

Below are the some brief details of longest highway of India

The national highway 7 (NH7) has its length from Varanasi to Kanyakumari which makes it the longest highway of India.
It connects seven major states of India.
In the north end its main junction is Varanasi.
In the south end its main junction is Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu).
It is laid and maintained by central public work department.
The national highway authority of India has constructed a 10 km long elevated highway between Bommanahalli and the Electronic city to the longest highway of India.

About this longest highway of India

1.The total length of highway is 2,369 km.
2.In Uttar Pradesh it last for 128 km.
3.In Madhya Pradesh it last for 504 km.
4.In Maharastra it last for 232 km.
5.In Telangana it last for 504 km.
6.In Andhra Pradesh it last for 250 km.
7.In Karnataka it last for 125 km.
8.In Tamil Nadu it last for 627 km.
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