The Imperial-3 India’s Tallest Building

TheImperial3India comes with the new project of tallest building in India by the owner S D Corporation Pvt. Ltd.Which is named as The Imperial-3.
The Imperial-3 is the tallest building in India but it is under construction.It is located in Tardeo, Mumbai, India.Its construction is started in 2014 and estimated completion in 2017.The Imperial-3 will be opened in 2018.Its estimated cost is ₹ 20 billion.

Basic details of Imperial-3

The Imperial-3 has a great height of 400 metres from the ground.
It consist of 27 elevators.
Imperial-3 counts total 116 floors.

Architectural and Developer of Imperial-3

Architecture-Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture
Developer-Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd.
Owner-S D Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Its structural system contains all glass faces and Reinforce concrete and steel.

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Features of Imperial-3

The Imperial-3 is an eco-friendly building.It has an automated day light system because of floor to ceiling insulated glazing to contain heat and maximize natural lights.The building Imperial-3 is constructed by using concrete manufactured with slag.The composition mixture is 55% cement and 45% slag because slag cement helps in reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and direct manufacturing of cement results in greenhouse gases.It have the feature of minimizing the negative effect of wind action on building.This building also have the features like rain water harvesting, solar energy, water waste treatment.The wall system of Imperial-3 is also highly sustainable, blocking solar heat gain and diffusing direct sunlight in the city’s hot and humid climate.The architectures also plan for pre-fabricated kitchens and bathrooms.With all these features Imperials-3 gives better facility.The imperial-3 has been constructed with all new techniques keeping in mind for the shake of the people.
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