Stadiums Of The World [Infographic]

stadiums of the world

Here at Banagher Precast Concrete, we specialise in precast stadia systems. We have created this infographic to highlight some stadiums of the world, which we found to be the most interesting in terms of both design and structure.

We have included some stadiums of the world which is most famous and beautiful such as the Olympiastadion of Munich (formerly the home of Bayern Munich FC), the Oita stadium Japan, Twickenham in the UK and of course we couldn’t forget our own Irish stadia, the Aviva stadium Dublin and Thomand Park Limerick, both of which feature Banagher Precast Concrete systems.


From looking at the infographic it is clear that all of these stadiums of the world have a clear distinct structural design. They are designed to be architecturally different and to stand out from the rest and that is what appeals to us the most.

For example, Zhong stadium Shanghai was built to resemble a flower. The roof itself is automatic and from above, it looks like a flower opening it’s petals. We think this stadium is both incredibly beautiful and functional at the same time. Another example is the Beijing National Aquatics centre which has an incredible multi-coloured bubble design that covers its entire exterior!

We have included some of the most beautiful stadiums from across the world for you to see, with capacity ranging from as little as 13,000 to a breath taking 91,000 spectators!  Clearly it is not the size of the stadium that matters here, rather the magnificence and beauty of the structure itself.
If you have found this infographic as much fun to read as we had creating it then please share and re-post as often as you like.

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Author BioDavid is a marketing manager of a company called Banagher Precast Concrete UK. He is a dedicated writer for this company and usually used to write articles on different stadiums.

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