Thursday, June 27, 2019

List of Important Topics for JEE Mains in Maths

JEE is an Engineering Exam, every year lacks students give this exam but only 4-5% are able to crack it. Students studying in the 12th class has started their preparation for JEE MAIN 2018 exam.

Math is one of the scoring subjects in jee exam. If you are in the 11th class then you should start your preparation for JEE MAIN 2019 exam from now, so that you have enough time to revise all subjects.

Below we have mentioned the some of the scoring and important topics in for JEE Mains exam.

Coordinate Geometry: This unit is all about understanding geometrical shapes and for many students, it is considered as a scoring topic of the JEE mathematics syllabus.

This topic can fetch you maximum marks.

It is a vast topic and you need to focus mostly on Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, and Hyperbola & Straight Lines.

The straight lines are an easy and scoring topic.

Calculus: Calculus is comparatively an important section because of its vastness and weight and you could expect several questions from this topic.

You don’t have to worry much about Mathematics in JEE if you develop a strong hold in calculus, therefore, you need to practice a lot and prepare well for this section.

Subtopics include Limits, Continuity, Differentiability, Relations between Continuity & Differentiability, Methods of Differentiation, Integration, Integration by Parts, Definite Integrals.

Remember all the properties of definite integrals, Tangents & Normal, Approximation & Rate Measurement, Monotonicity, Maxima & Minima, Area under curves & Differential Equations.

Vectors & 3D Geometry: This unit is quite conceptual and its weight is almost similar as Coordinate Geometry & Calculus.

It also includes complex numbers along with some parts of geometry.

Many students feel difficulty in this unit, so if you are feeling difficulty in this unit then you can avoid this unit.

Trigonometry: Trigonometry is a vital part of Mathematics in JEE. Trigonometric functions, trigonometric ratios and inverse trigonometry are some of the most imperative topics.

Since there are a fair amount of questions asked from this topic, therefore, getting the knack of the basic trigonometry could surely benefit a JEE aspirant.

You need to memorise all the formulas along with their graphs and substitutions for scoring well in this section.

Algebra: Complex Numbers & Quadratic Equations are easy to understand and are favourites for several students.

Many times in JEE Advance there were questions from Complex Number merged with vectors.

There could be a passage question from matrices & determinants and might be one of the easiest ones to score.

There could be few conceptual questions from Permutation & Combination.

To get a good rank in JEE Mains, you have to score well in every subject, but if you just want to crack JEE exam then you can study only important topics so that you can get any top engineering college.


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