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Gradzz – Providing Details for Online San Diego Universities

San Diego is a major city in the state of California, United States. Being the second biggest city in California, San Diego is an abundance of private colleges, public universities, community colleges and schools. The growth in technology has led to an all over take over technology in a lot of field including education.

With this growth, the education system has also adapted the growth to technology and adapted various pieces of technology into making smart classrooms.

Technology also has eliminated the need for a regular classroom setup with online classes and online colleges. San Diego being a metropolis has an array of option when it comes to online colleges. And it can be a confusing task to pick a college/university.

Gradzz is an education portal that specializes in online education in the United States of America. And this website is similar to Getmyuni.

This education portal makes finding colleges easier by state, by degree and by streams. It also filters colleges by a program with discipline and degree. In this article, we are going to discuss, the best online colleges and degree in San Diego.

For gaining the best online education, it is important to enrol in the best colleges. Here is a list of few of the Best Online Colleges in San Diego listed by Gradzz:

  • California Miramar University
  • Ashford University
  • North Central University
  • University of San Diego
  • Coleman University
  • United States University
  • Newschool of Architecture and Design

California Miramar University is a for-profit higher education institution which offers degree and certificate through their online distance program. It holds an institute accreditation by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

They also have on campus education and hybrid education where you can study a portion of your course online and the rest of it on campus. CMU provides Associate, Bachelors, Doctorate and Master’s degree in various disciplines like Business and Computer Science. It also provides military benefits to servicemen veterans and their dependents.

Ashford University is a private for-profit online higher education university with its headquarters in San Diego. It is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission. It provides Bachelors Masters and Associate degrees in 21 disciplines. Ashford is also military-friendly which mean it reserves benefits to military servicemen and their eligible dependents. Ashford provides various scholarships and federal financial aid to their enrolled students.

North Central University is a private for-profit higher education in San Diego. NCU is also accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission. It has a course in Bachelors Masters Doctorate and Certificate degrees. North Central University provides degrees and certificate across 13 varied disciplines. NCU also provides military benefits which mean it reserves benefits for military servicemen and their dependents. This university also provides scholarship and financial aid on the basis of availability of funds.

The University of San Diego provides online education in 10 programs across 5 disciplines namely; Education, Law, Information Systems, Engineering and Health Science.

In online degrees, University of San Diego provides only Master’s program. This university also provides financial aid to their enrolled students. Coleman University is a private non-profit institution that provides online education. It is accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. This university is also military friendly and provides federal and financial aid.

There are 10 programs across 4 disciplines – Business, Design, Information Technology and Information Systems. United States University provides online education and is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission. It has various facilities even for the online education like Student Portals, e-Library, Financial Aid, Yellow Ribbon Program, Military and Veteran Friendly.

Newschool of Architecture and Design is a private for-profit university that provides online education. It holds the accreditation by WASC Senior College and University Commission. It facilitates the online education with e-Library, Military and Veteran Friendly. This college provides only one master’s program; Master of Science in Construction Management. It also provides financial aid and scholarship to their enrolled students.

All the information of these colleges enlisted here is derived from Gradzz. For in-depth information on these colleges, the programs, and the various disciplines, visiting the Gradzz website will be helpful, as they provide detailed information like fees, duration, credits, cost per credits and all other required information to make a decision of enrolling into an online college.


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