Thursday, June 27, 2019

6 Amazing Luxury Projects in Jaipur under Construction by FS Realty

Jaipur was planned according to Indian Vastu Shastra by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya in 1727. With all the scenic beauty, Jaipur holds some really mesmerizing architecture. A combination of modern and royal forms of buildings, projects and apartments has always been a Centre of attraction for Jaipur. The similar vision of FS Realty, concur the lashing projects. Started with Baby projects, FS Realty has now entered into providing luxury accommodations for your family and office needs.

FS Realty designed their thought on pen and paper and then they executed the plan for a provind you an exotic living experience.. Currently, they are holding the 3 million square feet of land under construction while having these five major projects.

Five Major Projects By First Stone (FS Realty)

1. The Crest

With lush tropical gardens and mesmerizing waterfall sound welcoming you on your arrival, the project The Crest grabs your attention to a 65,000 sq. ft. huge landscape. The same is located near Jaipur Marriott comprising of 3BHK, 4BHK and 5BHK apartments. The location ensures scenic view of the Mariott. The construction and development has been carried out keeping in mind the best comfort and convenience. A combination of local flora and fauna with exorbitant amount of exotic trees and plan species gives you a unique natural serenity. The ground floor lacks any parking space which adds to the comfort as the same is free from vehicular movements.

2. Platinum

This one is an epitome of luxry or rather to say it, the kind of urban luxury. The project shares a common wall with the Marriott standing tall in the posh area. A perfect place for people with an X-Factor, the X-Factor of class. This classic is well connected to all the major landmarks of the city and offers luxury living experience in the most lavish locations of the Pink City. Investing in the project will ensure a value-for-money experience and you will feel a treasure at your ownership.

3. The Crown

Having 3BHK and 4BHK flats, this project too shares a common wall with the Marriott. All the facilities are similar to the Platinum project. However, the project is under construction. The construction is carried out in the posh areas of the town to provide you a lavish accommodation experience. A true value for money project.

4. Pinnacle

If you have the fantasy to have the view of the world, Pinnacle is standing tall for you. Homes created solely for people who do not just want a roof over their heads but want to experience the world beneath their feet. A 20-storeys tall, this amazing architectural piece will provide you a iconic living experience. Sip your tea and lure your eyes with the panoramic view of the city.

5. The Coronation

This one is the jewel, a true piece of art. Your prestigious lifestyle will be effortlessly satisfied living in the 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK flats offered by FS Realty’s project. While owning a luxurious apartment, it will dwell the more prestigious lifestyle there. Rather than this what you looks as amenities? All have been provided with the better luxurious amenities.

6. FS Ursa – Commercial

This one is the commercial project of FS Realty. The firm commits to their beliefs and is dedicated to constantly innovate lifestyle spaces. Constello is the concept with amenities like business centre services, meeting rooms with audio visual support, secretarial services, library, food outlets, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games and much more.


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