Prefabrication Technology : Introduction And Basic Concept

Prefabrication Technology Introduction And Basic ConceptPrefabrication is the practice that involves the process of designing, manufacturing and then transporting. The manufactured members to the site of construction. Prefabrication is not the conventional method of constituting the designing structure. It is more like a ready made member which is constructed some where away from the construction site and assembled at the place of construction.

The basics similarity between conventional prefabricated construction technology is that the foundation of structure is constructed at the place of construction site where as other difference prevails.

Prefabrication is a widely used method or technology in today’s world of construction. The main reason behind this is the consumption of time in construction. Which is very less as compared to the conventional way of construction. The living example of prefabrication construction technology is the mini sky city in the China. Which is a 50’s storey skyscraper and was built within a mere span of 19 days. It claims to be the fastest built building in the world.

The most widely used form of prefabrication building and civil engineering is the use of prefabricated concrete and prefabricated steel sections in structures where a particular part or form is repeated many times. This is the additional time required for the construction walls, floors and other components can be reduced to a optimum level which directly reduces the overall time period of construction to a greater extent in prefabrication technology.Apart from the construction of buildings, prefabrication has played a fore front role in the construction of bridges and roads since the early days.

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Component of prefabrication technology

  • Manufacturing the building unit in the manufacturing plant.
  • Transportation of the building unit to the construction site.
  • Assembling of the pre-constructed building units at its place at the construction site.
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Every evolution or revolution in any field has its own merit and demerit. The culminates to form a complete evolution or revolution and prefabrication technology do have those.

Over the years, on extensive and precise usage the prefabrication technology many merits and demerits has been discovered by its dealers. Some of the advantages and disadvantage of prefabrication technology is discovered below.

Advantages of prefabrication technology

  1. Self-supporting ready made components are used. So the need for form-work shutter and scaffolding is greatly reduced.
  2. Construction item is reduced and building are completed sooner, as compared to conventional construction technology.
  3. It is an economical method of construction technology. Which allows early return.
  4. On-site construction and congestion minimized in prefabrication.
  5. Quality control can be easier in a factory assembly line setting as it compared to on site setting.
  6. It provides employment and a big source of job for skilled labour available in the region.
  7. The construction of various, building units can be done in bad and hazardous environments.
  8. Recycling, reuse and less wastage of construction material can be none to its fullest.
  9. The building members and units built in plants can be made by using all the latest technology to its optimum level to improve the efficiency, longevity and sustainability (sustainable construction). “Green building are also made by using prefabricated technology.

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Disadvantages of prefabrication technology

  1. Prefabrication units need a greater extent of careful handling as they are very to dis-functioning even for small defect. Components such as concrete panels or steel and glass panels requires the greatest extent careful handling.
  2. Attention to be to the strength and corrosion resistance of the joining of prefabricated section to avoid fractures of the joints.
  3. Formation of leaks and cracks is a major problem seen in prefabrication technology.
  4. It affects the availability of local jobs to the unskilled people.
  5. Requirement of transporting equipment like heavy duty increases the extra load on the traffic centered in any city.
  6. Transportation plays an important role in the availability. So extra preference has to be provided in order to maintain the smooth run of the construction.
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  1. Matthew Barnett 2 years ago

    I fully agree with you that the Prefabrication technology is helping a great deal in simplifying the construction process. It’s fairly correct that with the assistance of prefabricated building units, buildings can be constructed really fast.

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