GATE 2016 Topper Interview Sagar Maheshwari (CE – AIR 53)

GATE 2016 Topper Interview Sagar Maheshwari (CE - AIR 53)

Sagar Maheshwari AIR – 53 ( Civil Engineering)

Sagar Maheshwari is also one of those bright participants who has shone in the GATE 2016 with flying colors. Sagar Maheshwari is a graduate in civil engineering from NIT, Bhopal, who believes that consistency is the main key to achieving your goal.

Recently, Explore Civil had an interview session with Sagar Maheshwari in which he shared some of his valuable experiences with our readers.

First of all, a warm welcome and congratulation from the whole team of Explore Civil for the splendid performance in the GATE 2016 and welcome in GATE 2016 Topper Interview session.

Before moving ahead a very simple question to Sagar Maheshwari.

What was the first thought that came into your mind when you got to know that you ranked 53rd in the GATE 2016?’

Sagar Maheshwari: The day before result I was very excited about the result. I was expecting double digit rank as I have studied very hard for this. And, 53 is good rank, I was very happy. I just made calls to my family and friends, told them about my result and they were also very much happy after knowing about it.

ExploreCivil: Please let us know something about yourself and your academic career till now?

Sagar Maheshwari: Hi, my name is Sagar Maheshwari and I am from Rajasthan. I have completed my B.Tech in civil Engineering from NIT Bhopal with 8.56 C.G.P.A in 2015

ExploreCivil: What was your score in the GATE 2016 and did you ever appear for GATE before?

Sagar Maheshwari: I have scored 903/1000 in GATE 2016. Yes, I also appeared for GATE 2015 and secured 234 rank.

ExploreCivil: What was the reason you appeared for GATE? Please elaborate.

Sagar Maheshwari: As I want to work with PSUs, so I went for GATE.

ExploreCivil: When did you started your preparation for the GATE exams? And what level of preparation you had done for the exams?

Sagar Maheshwari:  I started my preparation in July 2015. I studied hard but I think study hours doesn’t matter, what matters is consistency.

ExploreCivil: How did you schedule your daily routine during the early, mid and final days of GATE preparations? (Tell us about how many hours of studies and extra curriculum activities you were involved)

Sagar Maheshwari: I followed the same routine throughout the year. I studied 4-5 hours per day with proper concentration, which is enough to score such a score. You need a proper refreshment in every 15-20 days. so I did some outing with friends and family in every regular interval.

ExploreCivil: How much you were dependent on the studies that were taught in the college?

Sagar Maheshwari: As GATE include technical subjects and the college course same were taught in the college, so they were very helpful for getting such score. So we should pay attention in college as they can reduce ours over workload.

ExploreCivil: Did you take any kind of special coaching for the preparation of GATE?


Sagar Maheshwari: YES, from IES MASTERS, DELHI .They provides guidance and helps to manage your schedule, and also they provides text books on technical subject  which is really very helpful

ExploreCivil: How was your an experience with a virtual calculator? Do you think it is necessary that students should practice with it to get acquainted with its working?

Sagar Maheshwari: As I was working on the virtual calculator from January , so it wasn’t really tough on the exam day , but yes in first I got difficulty to understand the interface but after some time I got very familiar with that, and yes practice is the main key.

ExploreCivil: How important is to manage the time during an examination? How did you manage it? What tips would you like to give to our readers?

Sagar Maheshwari: We need to solve paper as fast as possible, don’t indulge in unnecessary thoughts about the question, just concentrate on the question, and solve it. So I did the same and manage to finish my question paper before time.

ExploreCivil: A considerable amount of numerical questions were asked in the GATE 2016. How did you prepare for the numerical questions and how did you manage provided the time period was limited?

Sagar Maheshwari: As I was familiar with a virtual calculator which saved my time relative to others. Thus, for me the paper was not that lengthy, basically, I want  to say that as many times as you attend the mock tests, the management of the questions gets easier and faster.

ExploreCivil: What should be the approach of a student before attempting the GATE question paper. which section should be given the first preference and the sequence of preferences?

Sagar Maheshwari: Read the question carefully and don’t miss anything in the question, and respond accordingly with full presence of mind.

First, choose that section in which you have proficiency which will increase your positivity during the paper, and will boost you up in those sections in which you are less proficient.

ExploreCivil: Which books did you follow during GATE preparation? Please reply in an elaborative way.

Sagar Maheshwari: Textbooks provided by my coaching institute, which was very concise.

ExploreCivil: Apart from the books, what are other sources that you took under consideration during the preparation? How do you think about the importance of the mock test paper and why?

Sagar Maheshwari: Mock test papers are very helpful, and I advise everyone to take the mock test as much as possible before exams. It will not only build your confidence in a positive way but also make you familiar with a virtual calculator which will save your time at the time of the main exam.

ExploreCivil: What are the tricks and tips you followed personally during the preparation of different subjects? How did you manage the curriculum of theory and numerical subjects? Please share with our readers.

Sagar Maheshwari: Generally, tricks do not work on such types of exams; practice is the only key to crack the exam or good luck indeed.

ExploreCivil: According to you where one should place his personal interests and hobbies during the preparation time? What level mental concentration is required and how did you manage it?

Sagar Maheshwari: As I said earlier, only 4-5 hours per day is enough for the preparation, so you can easily place your personal interest in daily routine. But keep in mind, personal should not compromise with the preparation, as mental concentration plays a vital role during the preparation period so try to be focused on your goal. I am very much thankful to my family and friend for being supportive, which enabled me to keep myself focused on my goal.

ExploreCivil: What is the future plan and where would you like to see yourself after 5 years?

Sagar Maheshwari: I want to serve my country to the best therefore now my next goal is to crack India Engineering Service (IES) exam and presently I am preparing for it. Apart from IES, I am also interested in doing a job in PSU, if necessary.

ExploreCivil:   Any special experience that you want to share with our readers and personal advice for the future GATE aspirants?

Sagar Maheshwari: As I have mentioned already, consistency is the main key to achieving a good score in GATE, therefore just don’t get depressed and give your best. “Practice makes a man Perfect”.

And at last all the best to those who will be appearing in the next GATE.

ExploreCivil: Thank you for being with us and wish you all the very best.

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