Construction Management Salaries

The “construction management salaries” is a volatile thing to be determined by the common. This is because the salaries of any discipline mostly depend upon the demand and supply of the human resources associated with it.

According to economics “if the demand is high and the supply is less than the valuation of the product will surpass the normal limits and vice-versa.” And construction management salaries are also no exception. Moreover, if we are talking about the civil engineering branches, then there are other factors affecting the average civil engineering salaries all around the globe. It’s because of different civil engineering job description.

Construction Management Salaries

Construction Management Salaries Edging Over Other Constructional Salaries. How?

Before going furthermore into the topic, we must know the difference between a civil engineer and construction project manager. A civil engineer is the one who sticks to the base of science and technological aspects related to a construction project. However, construction project managers are very different from a typical civil engineer. It is because he/she is the one who interfaces with both technical and organizational aspects of any constructional project. Discussing the architectural plan with the architecture, understanding the design specifications with the design engineer and laying out the estimation and costing of the project are some of the most common jobs in this discipline.

Therefore, although the discipline of construction management courses is one of the careers in civil engineering, the jobs description as mentioned makes it exclusive from others. In this way, the average construction management salaries and average civil engineering salaries can be set apart from each other. And this is how the construction management salaries are inching over the civil engineering salaries.

Market Reviews on Construction Management Salaries

Market Reviews on Construction Management Salaries

A market is one of the important factors deterring and accelerating of economics present in today’s time. The market makes us understood about the current trend in a particular segment as well as allows us to take necessary steps for further growth and curtailing the risk factor associated with it.

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According to various market surveys over the years, it was found that construction management salaries are the most lucrative salaries among all the disciplines of the constructional industry. Apart from this, the job of a construction manager was ranked as best job among all constructional jobs.

However, average construction management salaries typically various on the basis of two most important factors. This includes

  1. Time: In construction management salaries time does plays the most important role. It is because with every passing day managers meets and learns new challenges. It helps them in formulating and presenting new ideas for their upcoming project which reduces the risk associated.
  1. Location: The location of any country plays another important part in the construction management field.

United States Department of Labor ( Bureau of Labor  Statistics)

According to United States Department of Labor ( Bureau of Labor Statistics), the mean annual wages of construction project manager in 2015 was $97,510. A data sheet from the United States Department of Labor has been embedded here, which will give you an analytic view of construction management salaries in the USA.

National Estimates for This Occupation:

Employment estimate and mean wage estimates for this occupation:

Employment Employment
Mean hourly
Mean annual
Wage RSE 
239,6401.0 %$46.88$97,5100.5 %

Percentile Wage Estimates for This Occupation:

Hourly Wage$25.17$32.06$42.02$56.45$74.61
Annual Wage$52,350$66,680$87,400$117,420$155,200

Thus, the above data presents a healthy outlook of the construction management salaries in USA, which is a positive sign for all those job seekers who prefers the USA as the first choice for their career.

Apart from the USA statistics, the statistics of other countries like India, Singapore, UAE, and other parts of the world shows a positive sign in this context.

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Some of the best-paying cities in the USA for the job of construction project manager are the metropolitan areas of Atlantic City, New Jersey, Vineland, and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The Indian Prospects on Construction Management Salaries

It shows that average Construction Project Manager Salaries for job postings nationwide are 37% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. With the proposal of new projects for the overall infrastructural development of the country by the government has for an accelerator on the careers of construction management all over the country. Therefore, this is an apparent fact that the job opportunities in comparison to others are exceptionally better and has a long lasting job security in India.

The construction management salaries in different cities across India are provided below:

CitiesSalary Ranges
Chennai, Tamil NaduRs 349000 – Rs 2066000
Pune, MaharashtraRs 345200 – Rs 1694000
Bangalore, KarnatakaRs 244000 – Rs 1560000
Hyderabad, Andhra PradeshRs 244000 – Rs 1560000
Mumbai, MaharashtraRs 402500 – Rs 1650500
DelhiRs 390500 – Rs 2007000

Project Manager Salary for Construction Industry in the States of India:

The project manager salary ranges according to the various states have been listed below:

StatesSalary Ranges
DelhiRs 397000 – Rs 1965000
Andhra PradeshRs 300000 – Rs 1200000
Tamil NaduRs 355000 – Rs 2014000
West BengalRs 304500 – Rs 1829000
MaharashtraRs 406000 – Rs 1796000
GujaratRs 377000 – Rs 1572000
KarnatakaRs 360000 – Rs 1974000

The above statistics are the clear resemblance of healthy status of construction project management jobs in India.

Construction Management Salaries in Top Construction Companies in India

Company NameSalaries
Larsen & ToubroRs 7,60,000 – Rs 21,23,000
Gammon IndiaRs 3,40,000 – Rs 20,70,000
DLFRs 4,14,676 – Rs 20,19,513
TATA Projects LimitedRs 3,93,528 – Rs 23,36,058
Nagarjuna construction companyRs 2,00,000 – Rs 19,00,000
Hindustan construction companyRs 5,00,000 – Rs 28,00,000
Simplex infrastructuresRs 3,00,000 – Rs 18,50,000
Jaiprakash AssociatesRs 4,30,000 – Rs 20,00,000
UnitechRs 3,00,000 – Rs 20,00,000
GMRRs 3,50,000 – Rs 33,00,000
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These top 10 construction companies in India are pay appreciable amount to the employees but they do have high standard of qualification for the aspirants.

Want to be paid in good range then groom these qualities.

If you are willing to get into any of the top construction companies in India, then nature some of the most common and effective qualities that are to be discussed in this article. These qualities includes:

  • Analytic skills
  • Business skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Ready to take initiatives
  • Leadership skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Technical skills
  • Time and team management skills

Future of Construction Managers

Construction project management has become a vital part of any constructional project which clearly shows the need for this discipline. The extensive number of constructional projects that are proposed by the governments for the infrastructural development has put an acceleration to the construction industry. Thus the demand and supply have to be coherent so as to meet the requirements. It is the best options to build careers in civil engineering. Other sub-disciplines of civil engineering salary have an average range.

The volatility in the job segment has always been a common scenario in the market which would not spear the construction project manager. The rift in the job opportunities should not bound the aspirant from choosing a career in construction project management.

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