Construction Management Courses

If you are a civil engineering aspirant and willing to see yourself as one of the leading construction project manager then the content of this article will help you out. After the completion graduation in the civil engineering the students prefers to go for higher education so as to build a formidable careers in civil engineering. And in this race construction management courses has found a new place all together.

In this article our prime focus would on giving you a descriptive interface with different construction management courses. But before actually landing on the topic let us take a look on one of most important aspects of construction project management.

Why Construction Project Management Courses?

Construction Management Courses

Construction project management is that wing of a constructional project which organizes, evaluates and implements the constructional project in productive manner. Thus the need for a construction project manager is an undoubted fact of any construction project.

Therefore the discipline of construction project management takes a lot of responsibility in the success of the project and according to human psychology success is what man likes taste.

Construction Management Courses

A civil engineering graduate having a graduate degree from any of the B.Tech/B.E. colleges can take up construction project management as a discipline in their Master degree curriculum. In India the construction management courses of construction management are categorized according to the suitability of the jobs that is to be performed.

Construction Management Courses in India

National Institute of Construction Management And Research offers several construction management courses in India in this field of construction and related areas. It also conducts short, medium and long term programs for executive development, primarily aimed at construction industry. The longer duration programs are based at Pune, Goa, Indore and Hyderabad campuses.

PG Program in Advanced Construction Management (PGP ACM)

This construction management courses are post graduate full-time residential program on concepts and methodologies of management, engineering, architecture, law, information technology and social/behavioral sciences. These courses are offered by the Pune, Hyderabad, Goa and Indore campuses.

PG in Project Engineering and Management (PGP PEM)

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A two year full-time residential one, available at Pune campus is an advanced course on the theory and practices of Project Engineering and Management. It is aimed at preparing the students in all aspects of the subject including finance, marketing, human resource, quality, planning, software and IT systems.


PG Diploma in Real Estate And Urban Infrastructure Management (PGP REUIM)

This is a residential program with a two year duration, offered at Pune campus and covers topics such as Investment and Markets, and Construction and Development. It aims at the development of techno-managers proficient in valuation, project management, applied economics, urban planning and asset management.

PG Diploma in Infrastructure Finance, Development & Management (PGP IFDM)

This course is offered at the Pune campus. It is a two-year, full-time, residential Programme for degree holders.

Construction Management Courses Online

Construction Management Courses Online

Construction management courses online are available at undergraduate and graduate levels, with most leading to bachelor’s or master’s degrees. These online courses are accompanied with various e-learning tools like lectures, group discussions, distant learning videos etc. however some courses needs in-person components.

The curriculum of online construction management courses includes construction-related courses, such as development and land use management, management courses, human resources management and analytical skills. Many construction management courses online require a final, research-based project that has a business, operational or technical problem of construction management involvement.

The highlight of the construction management courses offered online are discussed below:

Human Resources and Training: Courses in construction management teach students about hiring and managing decisions in the construction business environment. This course gives influence on the theories of human behavior, business culture, leadership and organization.

Advanced Computer Applications for Construction: The involvement of Information and Technology has been an inevitable factor in the field of construction. The online construction management courses helps students to get into the usage of different computer software and application.

Land Use Management and Development: The main focus of these courses are on the practice and principles of infrastructure design and site planning for major urban developments. these courses teaches the relevant theories of land uses and their implementation.

Legal Implications in Design and Construction:  These courses include study of risk liability in the construction industry, products liability, tort law, negligence, contract case law and the professional liability of building contractors and designers.

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Cost Estimating and Cost Analysis: Estimating and costing of the constructional project is the main aim of these courses. This course teaches about cost developing, conceptual and definitive estimating, project delivery implications, cost analysis methods and international work applications.

Planning and Scheduling: Proper planing and scheduling are pillars of any construction project management and the techniques used to plan and schedule construction projects are featured in this course. This course includes resource loading and leveling, bar charts, cost and schedule integration, probabilistic scheduling, time-cost trade off, PERT and Monte-Carlo simulation.

Construction Management Courses Distant Learning

Construction Management Courses Distant Learning

This module is applicable to specialist, experts, Bachelor, Master’s and Ph.D.(Doctor) Programs. This distance learning degree program is designed at the postgraduate level – Master’s or Doctoral. This module may be easily adapted to complete the Specialist, Expert or Bachelor’s adult degree program requirements.

The subject courses that are offered in construction management distant learning are discussed below:

Construction Industry

This course reviews the organization, relationships, practices, terminology, project types, procurement methods, industry standards, contract documents, and career opportunities in the construction process, with emphasis on the organization and uses of architectural and engineering drawings and specifications.

Construction Materials & Assemblies

  • This course deals with the principles, techniques, equipment, and materials used in the construction industry.
  • It focuses on selecting the proper materials and equipment for specific construction tasks and estimating costs.
  • It evaluates the properties of building materials such as: concrete, brick, wood, steel, plastics, synthetic fibers, adhesives, sealants, and composites.

Construction Cost Analysis

  • The construction management courses on cost analysis typically deals in cost management procedures as applied to the building process from the planning phase through owner operations, including conceptual estimating.
  • Apart from this includes construction cost analysis and control, value engineering, and life-cycle costing.
  • The consideration of the economic analysis of building construction projects, houses, and building components are also important segments of these courses.
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Building Technology

  • The building technology includes those courses which deal with the MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing)  department of the building.
  • These courses gives emphasis on the aspects of building design, construction, budgeting, and problem solving.
  • Elaborates and presents solutions for achieving energy-efficient buildings, for evaluating thermal performances, materials and envelopes resistance, air flow through and around buildings.
  • Strategies for integrating technology into the architectural design process.

Building Design

  • This course studies building design processes and the evaluation of design alternatives. It explores a conceptual building design: area requirements, space layout, structures, enclosure systems, and services.
  • It includes site preparation and earthwork, wood framing, masonry, concrete forming, precast construction, industrialized building, shoring, and underpinning.

Construction Law & Safety

  • This course focuses on the legal issues arising from building design and construction, risk management, accident prevention, and liability awareness.
  • It covers topics such as construction, legislation, regulation, occupational safety and health issues, and other related laws related to the construction industry.

Construction Management

  • This course examines the financial, technical, environmental impact, risks, regulations, and management activities associated with the development of construction projects.
  • Including business and construction concepts, as well as marketing strategies for continued profitable operation of a construction firm.

Construction Firm Management

  • These project management courses considers the management of a construction company including organization, corporate structure, operation procedures, marketing, and human resources.
  • Emphasizes on safety and loss prevention, insurance, risk management, financing, accounting, marketing of construction services, and bonding requirements for construction company.

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