Thursday, June 27, 2019

Secured 99.9 Percentile in 12th Board, Varshil Shah Is Now a Sanyasi (Jain Muni)

Securing top score in board examinations is a one way to lucrative salaries and amazing career ahead. There are people who celebrate their result even after scoring 33% in examinations, and I am a witness of the same.

What would you do if one day you wake up and open up your computer to check results? Soon after you realize that you are the topper of your state. What will be your reaction? I bet you will jump high in happiness and adrenaline rush will please your mind.

Let me tell you about this boy Varshil, full name Varshil Shah, a 12th appearing student from Ahmedabad in Gujarat. He scored 99.9 percentile in Gujarat board examinations. And this was like dream come true for him.

But, instead of going with engineering or medical, or civil services and banking, he decided to select a completely different path.

This boy from Ahmedabad in Gujarat took Diksha – a religious ceremony that marks the initiation of Jain monks and nuns — on June 8, today. The ceremony was successfully completed in Gandhinagar.

Varshil was among the toppers when the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board announced the result on May 27.

There were no raucous celebrations. Varshil, whose family follows Jainism, shuns the limelight and keeps to himself. In fact, it was his uncle who spoke to HT.

“The result is as per expectations, but to attain and maintain peace, I think renouncing the world is the only way,” his uncle quoted Shah as saying.

The use of electricity is restricted in the Shah household. The family believes many aquatic animals are killed in the process of power generation, which is also against the Jain vow of ahimsa, or non-violence.

The Shahs don’t keep a television or a refrigerator at home. Electricity is used only when it is necessary, during the night especially when the children are studying.


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