Thursday, June 27, 2019

This Engineer Traveled 28 Indian States In 28 Weeks For 28 Jobs And Then…

Agree or not, most of us caught in a monotonous job think of a change more often than not. We keep thinking about how we could have had a career out of our passion. But there is little that we actually do about it except for cribbing. After getting stuck in the rat race of life, the majority of us keep doing the same boring job. But there are few path breakers in our society, who dare to do what they want to, break through the shackles of their unpleasant routine and set their feet on a road less taken.

In this article, we bring to you the story of one such man – Jubanashwa Mishra. A software engineer by qualification, this Odisha youth quit his job in the IT since he did not find it appealing. What followed next is a story of guts and gumption.

In the hope of becoming a writer (though he had little confidence in his skills initially) and an inspiration to thousands of working professionals like him who aspired to do something different in life, he quit his job and traveled 28 Indian states for 28 weeks, doing a different petty job in each of those states.

Jubanashwa, after his adventurous yet fulfilling journey, has finally settled as a writer and motivational speaker. Recently, he hit the headlines when he became the first author to come out with a trailer ahead of his book launch. His book, apparently, is based on the same journey. We spoke to the trailblazer on this occasion and bring to you the excerpts from the conversation below.

Born and brought up in Sonepur, also known as Subarnapur, in Odisha, Jubanashwa did his initial schooling there but soon migrated to Sambalpur for his further studies. He pursued the degree of Engineering from Berhampur and accomplished Post graduation from the reputed B-School MICA in Ahmedabad.

”Before joining MICA, I worked for Tata Consultancy Services in Chennai for around three years. Each person’s life is dominated by one city, for me that place was Chennai, where I held my first job as a software engineer and I was blessed with a love for the first time ever. And that’s how the book ’28 Jobs 28 Weeks 28 States’ started with,”shared Mishra.

He always wanted to get into the shoes of a writer but was unable to gather the confidence to pen down a book.

”I always wanted to be a writer, but I was struggling with my English. I wrote my first book during my time in Chennai which was based on the love story, I didn’t feel like publishing it,” said Jubanashwa.

But then came a point in his life, which gave it a 360 degrees turn.

”While travelling 28 different states of the country and doing 28 jobs there, I came across a lot of interesting stories and things started falling into place. Eventually, I decided to come up with my first book officially,” said the Author.

Jubanashwa Mishra, the man who is an inspiration to many, was inspired by:

”I was inspired and as well envious of the protagonist of the film Slumdog Millionaire. As the story flows, the kid tries out many things in his life to survive, working as a beggar, selling goods, selling toys on trains, working as a tour guide, a photographer, providing chai to the corporate workers, seeing the workings of a BPO. He did not have to think about what society would think about him before taking any crucial decision. If you don’t have anything, there is no fear of losing anything. But in most of the cases, many choose their profession because of the parental interference and societal status.”

His journey across the nation was not a child’s play, rather it took Jubanashwa all blood, sweat and tears to accomplish the same.

”If anyone has to change the location every week, then acclimatization is the major issue because India is so diverse. During the month of May, I was travelling through Rajasthan and Gujarat with a boiling temperature of 45 degrees. The next state was Himachal Pradesh where I faced 7 degrees at the top of Triund hill, where I was working as a mountain cleaner. Stomach disturbance was one of the major reasons why I almost quit the journey in Assam, where I suffered from traveller diarrhoea and was cursed with a loo visit of 40/50 times per day.”

“What’s your dream. Listen to your heart always. If you are passionate about something just go for it, don’t listen to people. Sometimes don’t listen to your calculative brain, but listen to your candid heart while taking decisions. You will always find people around you to intimidate you on many things like – It is very difficult, this is not a perfect time, you don’t have time, what will happen if you fail, You are new – will you be able to do that … No one has tried that before, It is very risky, This idea might not work and much more “what ifs”. Don’t listen to them!! If you are able to answer yourself, that’s enough, Just go for it,” believes Jubanashwa Mishra, who despite facing a truckload of difficulties, eventually triumphed over all the obstacles on his way to success.