Thursday, June 27, 2019

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Oil and Gas Professionals

Mobile device appeals most to oil and gas professionals as they have to work in the field and are away from computers. Also, Mobile devices can be carried around and we can access it at any time. So the exchange of information is becoming easier. Considering these factor now the major players in O&G are accepting new technologies and even some of companies have already started introducing new tools to boost their productivity, collaboration and the influx of their new talent.

If you are a student of petroleum engineering, you must check these 5 apps for petroleum engineers. However, these all are too useful. You can also check out top 5 android apps for civil engineers and 5 apps for GATE preparation.

Now the question comes that what all apps we need to have in our mobile?

I have listed down few of the mobile apps which O&G professionals should have on their device.


A Mobile Application for the Oil and Gas industry with Real Time Stock feeds, Job Listings, Data RSS feeds, Company News Feeds, Business News, Business Analysis, Crude Oil and Gas Price Quotes, Video Feeds, Podcasts, and Regulations from around the world.

The application monitors world news, jobs listings, audio, and media feeds for all aspects of the Oil and Gas business, both upstream and downstream.Oil and Gas Field Operations app is designed to ensure the accurate and regular flow of information and streamline field operations by handling large amounts of collected data quickly and easily.

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Oil & Gas Safety Management

Finally, there is an app to conduct oil and gas inspections without having to drag your laptop and camera. It manages essential safety resources, put quality assurance and control into practice, sync collected data across multiple devices, instantly inspect personal protective equipment and transportation, control emergency preparedness and planning, keep all collected data on your own device and also share reports as custom PDF and Excel files.

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Oil & Gas Calculations

Simplified handy application for Oil & Gas Correlations & Calculations. A must-have tool for all Oil & Gas Professionals and Engineers. Features: Pipe Design, Cementing, Drilling Mudding, Drill Pipe, Mud Pumps, Reservoir Engineering, Rock-Fluid Properties, Mechanical Design, Formation Evaluation, Well Logging, Oil and Gas units, Oil Field units, Unit Converter.

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Drillutions gives you tools that can be used to avoid problems and maximize productivity. From managing data to making complex calculations to exchanging technical knowledge with others. They strive to put the industry edge in the palm of your hand.

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Gas Engineer Software

Essential Software for Gas and Oil Engineers. Designed to Create, Manage and Accelerate your Business.

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Oil and Gas Well Locator LITE 

Use this app to find information regarding natural gas and oil wells in New York State (including Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale locations). Search by: Well Owner, Well Name, Date Approved, Well Status etc.

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Oilfield Review 

It is the Schlumberger flagship technology journal. Each quarter you will be able to discover the latest technological developments in the oil and gas industry with case studies from around the globe. Topics include the application of new and innovative techniques, the physics behind new measurements, and advances in geology, geophysics, geochemistry, reservoir engineering and petrophysics.

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Oil & Gas ME

Oil&Gas Middle East has established itself as the most-respected and trusted magazine for the Middle East’s upstream industry professionals. Whether you are an owner of an oil or gas block, rig contractor, EPC contractor, oilfield supplier, technology provider or a seismic surveyor, Oil&Gas Middle East is a must read magazine.

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Fire Engineering Magazine

First published in 1877 provides fire news and firefighter training, education and management information for fire and emergency services personnel worldwide. Fire Engineering covers a full range of topics such as vehicle extrication, fire strategy and tactics, fire department management and officer development, technology, fire apparatus, health and safety.

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Oil Handbook

Oil Handbook is the one stop-shop where you can not only find Oil Engineering design tools and tables but also perform economic analysis such as IRR, NPV and Payback. You can estimate the oil price based on a concept taught in MBA Finance courses.

You can look up WTI and Brent Crude Oil Prices. You can also perform Black Scholes Options analysis to make complex Oil investment decision analysis. Even Oil Options analyser which quickly tells you the value of waiting given a certain level of volatility and much more.

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