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Civil Engineering Job Description

Civil Engineering Job Description

If you are willing to know about civil engineering job description then you must know that civil engineering job description is based on the different disciplines of civil engineering. Various careers in civil engineering have different jobs and responsibilities. The jobs and responsibilities are categorized into different civil engineering disciplines. These job needs specialisation and proficiency in order to perform it in a proper way.

Civil Engineers Working Environment

The job of a civil engineer is very responsible and demanding. One needs to be on the toe at every time. Travelling and spending maximum time in the site is something that every civil engineer needs to cope up with. Civil engineers need to spend most of their time away from their home for the proper progress of the project. They need to spend most of their time among the workers and machines.

Relation Between the Careers in Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering Job Description

The question of what do civil engineer do is quite relevant to civil engineering job description. Therefore in this article we are going to relate various jobs of civil engineering jobs with the careers in civil engineering.

In general, typical job of a civil engineer is to improve, plan, design and create the planned and designed project into reality. Moreover they also have the responsibilities to manage, protect and improve the quality of environment so as to create and retain the sustainability for our future generations.

Careers in Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering Job Description

They have good opportunities to get jobs in top 10 largest civil engineering construction companies in India. And in this companies they also get a good civil engineering salary. But the civil engineering job description salary is based on skills of an individual. If you have a skill then you have a better chances to get civil engineering jobs.

To get a better job one have to put their civil engineering resume to the civil engineering companies or construction companies. One should must apply for jobs to the top 10 construction companies in India because there you can learn more about civil engineering and they will pay you good salary. The experience certificate from these companies also plays a vital role through out your career.

Civil Engineering Job Description Includes the Following Objects

Civil Engineering Job Description Objects


  1. Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering Job Description of Structural Engineering: Structural engineers are concerned with the theoretical, conceptual, analytical, design and construction of components of a structure to resist loads from internal and external forces. The application of solid mechanics enables the structural engineer to assemble elements, such as beams and columns, into a structure that will resist both static and dynamic loads, such as gravity, wind, snow, and earthquakes.

  1. Geo-technical Engineering

Civil Engineering Job Description of Geo-technical Engineering: As soil is the prime factor that governs the overall stability or the probability of erecting a structure, thus it is necessary to determine the various properties of soil before actually going for construction on a particular land area. A Geotech engineer  concerned with the behavior of earth materials.

  1. Water Resource Engineering

Civil Engineering Job Description of Water Resource Engineering: From the civil engineering job description point of view water resource engineers needs to create and ensure that citizens are provided with a continuous supply of clean, uncontaminated water for drinking, living, and recreational purposes. Water resource engineers not only designs these water management systems but also constructs, maintains, and oversees these systems.

  1. Transportation Engineering

Civil Engineering Job Description of Transportation Engineering: The civil engineering job description of a transportation engineer can be stated as one who applies the technologies and scientific principles in planning, functional design, operation and management of facilities for any mode transportation in order to provide more efficient, safe, proper, comfortable, convenient and environmental friendly transportation of people and goods. These comprises of construction of highways, railways, airports, harbours, bridges, and other transportation amenities.

  1. Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering Job Description of Environmental Engineering: The application of scientific and engineering principles for safeguarding the human population from the adverse effect of environmental factors. Along with a view to protect the environment from the killing effects of human activities is the main aim of environmental engineer.

As the aspect of environment has become a prime factor to be taken under consideration, most of the constructional projects coming up or going on has to follow certain environmental limits and these limits are dealt by the environmental engineers. Anyone can also set their careers in civil engineering after learning environmental engineering.

  1. Tunnel Engineering

Civil Engineering Job Description of Tunnel Engineering: The construction of tunnels for joining two separated vicinities has been getting a importance in the field of civil engineering. The study and implementation of various concepts, practices and considerations for constructing the tunnels is what the tunnel engineers generally deals with. The civil engineering job description of discipline can be summerized as to construct tunnels and manage these constructed tunnels in a proper way.

  1. Earthquake Engineering

Civil Engineering Job Description of Earthquake Engineering: Seismic movement or earthquakes is a movement produced due to the movement of earth’s tectonic plate. Every thousand and thousand of people loose their lives due to the collapse or dis-mental of the structure. It is one of the natural disasters which cannot be pre-determined or forecast, thus we can take necessary precaution or measures to minimize the overall affects.

The need or civil engineering job description of Earthquake Engineer is to solve out the problem of constructing the structure under the earthquake regulation which not only ensure the stability of the structure but also the safety of common.

8. Construction Project Management

Civil Engineering Job Description of Construction Project Management: Civil engineering construction project management is the practice of managing, controlling and handling a constructional project so as to attain success. A construction project manager is the person behind the success or failure of a construction project.The project manager is also person who makes plans, strategies, organizes, controls and take important and decisive decision on every prospect of the project.

The job description according to the different disciplines show the different jobs of civil engineer in different fields. Now let us discuss about some of the typical key skills and knowledge that a civil engineers needs to carry through out his/her careers in civil engineering. These includes the  following jobs:

  1. Excellent knowledge on mathematics.
  2. Needs to be updated with the technological advancement.
  3. Proper sequencing of different works of the project
  4. Assuming ultimate responsibility for design professionals
  5. Specialisations and skills in undertaking technical and feasibility studies including site investigation.
  6. Follow the safety standards.
  7. Handle the environment related issues.
  8. Risk calculation capability.
  9. Need of hour.
  10. Establishing a proper communication between the different departments of the project.


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