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We all have grown up watching cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Ever wondered how your favourite cartoons are made? Animation is the technique which creates an illusion of motion and change, by rapidly displaying a sequence of still images that minimally differ from each other. Just like in flip books, all cartoons come to life by compiling a series of drawings to show fluidity! Now come to think of it, it sounds like a tedious job, right?

The classic Tom and Jerry animated show

The classic Tom and Jerry animated show

Well, it used to be; when painstakingly, each frame was drawn by the animator. But with the advancement in computer technology, this has become much less time consuming and hence an interesting job prospect for a lot of animation enthusiasts.

An animator is an important contributor in filmmaking, video-games and even television shows. The list of job prospects doesn’t just end here. These days, if you become an animator, you can design graphics for websites, create simulations for many prominent industries such as aviation, defence, medical sciences and many more. Last but not least, in the field of architecture too, animation plays a very important role of recreating structures for a real life experience.

In order to become an animator, you need to learn the required skills. There are many universities which provide animation courses. However, not many of them provide international exposure within the design industry, in order to gain practical experience.

Why study at UTS/ UTS:INSEARCH?

The University of Technology Sydney is one such institute which not only provides a course in animation, but also gives you access to state-of-the-art innovations through constant engagement with the industry! Founded in 1988, Sydney based UTS has been ranked as the No. 1 Young University in Australia.

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For its animation course, UTS is associated with one of the world’s most renowned animation studio, Animal Logic. I’m sure you must have watched the epic war movie – 300, or the recent Avengers: Age of Ultron! Well, Animal Logic studios did the animation for it. They have joined hands with UTS to offer the best industry-led animation course, Masters of Animation and Visualisation (MAV). You can know more about it here:

Their pathway institute, UTS:INSEARCH also provides diploma courses in animation to familiarise students with the subject and help them get direct admission to the relevant degree courses in UTS on successful; completion of their studies.

UTS students preparing for stop-motion animation

UTS students preparing for stop-motion animation

Student life in Sydney:

Students from over 200 countries come to live and study in Sydney. Known for its unique combination of an urban, social and culturally diverse community, Sydney is a fun and inspiring city to live and study. Theatres, galleries, bars and cafes give students a chance to meet people and make new friends. They can hang around at magnificent beaches like Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach, Tamarama Beach as well as enjoy a number of open spaces available in and around the city.

UTSINSIDERS – A great platform to learn inside information

To acquaint you with the city and the university life, UTS offers a platform where you can interact with its students and get to know their personal experiences. There are 12 UTS and UTS:INSEARCH ambassadors from different courses including design (animation), IT, Engineering and Science, who are chosen to guide students seeking admission to UTS/UTS:INSEARCH. You can check out more about the UTS Insiders here:

These students are available to answer your queries through their Instagram accounts and the UTS Insiders website, to help you clear your doubts and face challenges that you might face after finishing high school. So, what are you waiting for? Follow them on Instagram and ask them any question related to Sydney life in general, student life at UTS/UTS:INSEARCH or specific career/courses. They will share their answers with you and help you choose the best!

The UTS Insiders

The UTS Insiders

UTS Insider, Animesh with one of his charcoal drawings.

UTS Insider, Animesh with one of his charcoal drawings.

You can visit their Animation course website to know more:

A student at UTS Design Studio

A student at UTS Design Studio

If you have any further questions or inhibitions, I suggest you visit the UTS Insiders webpage or follow them on Instagram to hear more on their first-hand experiences. Or you can get in touch with them right away on Instagram and ask any question!

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