Sunday, November 17, 2019

About Us

Meet our team of awesome engineers and entrepreneurs

Adid Khan

Founder & CEO

Amin Khan

Co-Founder & CTO

Md Wasim

Chief Digital Marketer

Imran Khan


Our Story

Being engineers ourselves by heart and by degree, two brothers came across the severe problems and issues with the engineering education system in India. We took responsibility to do some research and maths. And that effort led us to some dramatic conclusions. We don't want to discuss the conclusions. Instead, we are sharing some of the data with you all below. If you are an engineer, you can relate to us.

So, we decided to change the face of engineering education in India. It's not easy, but it's not impossible. Using our technology, business and leadership skills, we aim to create an ecosystem for engineers, where all the technical experts can come together, acquire knowledge, share it with one another and earn money out of the hard work they do. Yes! we want to build a system where you can earn money, rent your skills to companies while in college, find and apply for vacancies, raise money for your projects and feel proud to be an engineer.

Engineer Feed was the result of our efforts. Engineer Feed is India's first social network cum learning platform for engineering students. You may think what's so special about us as there exist hundreds of social networks all over the web. We at Engineer Feed, are trying to fill the gap between industries, recruiters, professionals, teachers and students which will help to improve the skills of engineers in India.

We believe in Kaizen i.e continuous improvement. And that's the only thing that our company culture is all about. We want to leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data to create a social platform, where engineers can learn by reading articles, whitepapers and more. Our integrated course mechanism will help you learn industry-specific skills. And our Engineers Score system will assess your profile based on a number of criteria. So that, the industry can know your potential better than ever.