Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mother tears her son’s Electrical Engineering Degree After he Fails to Repair a Fan at Home

India’s is the only country where parent’s capabilities and hard work is judged by their child’s calibre and job status. If the child of a couple doesn’t make it to the highs, it is believed that they were incapable to nourish him well.

That is the one reasons why expectations from students are very high. And due to that reason, every hour a student commits suicide in our esteemed nation. Parental pressure to perform better sometimes leaves students not living up to the expectations.

A similar incident came to light in Bhopal where a mother ripped apart her son’s Electrical Engineering degree. And why she did so? Just because Ankur couldn’t repair a fan. The electric fan at his home.

Ankur Mahajan, an electrical engineering graduate from LNCT Bhopal, had to convince his mother hard. Convince her to believe that his degree was original and not fake. He completed his engineering in June 2017 and is now preparing for the IES.

The whole drama happened when the ceiling fan of Ankur’s drawing hall stopped functioning. His mother asked him to repair the fan thinking that he could do that as he is an electrical engineer. Ankur tried hard but was not successful.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the disappointed mother brought down Ankur’s EE degree, which was then hanging on the wall of the drawing room itself, and tore it apart into pieces. Yes! that’s true.

Ankur left the home after the incident. When Faking News reporter spoke to Ankur, he said, “Yaar electrical engineer hun electrician thodi na hun jo fan tv aur mixer theek karu.. isse accha to ITI hi kar leta.. ghar wale bhi khush rehte aur job bhi mil jati.”

Ankur’s incident speaks a lot about the current education system in the country. With Prime Minister’s promise of creating 2 crore job opportunities in the country, the incident depicts what the truth is.

Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana allows small entrepreneurs a loan of Rs 1 lakh, which isn’t enough for an engineer to open a startup that matches his qualification. It’s time the government focused more on creating jobs and revamping the education sector.


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