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Top 25 L&T Interview Questions for Civil Engineers

Before going to an interview for your civil engineering career, you must prepare the below listed L&T interview questions. L&T is the largest civil engineering company in India and hires a lot of candidates each year. However, these questions are meant for getting an idea and are not a cheat sheet to crack the interview.

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Larsen & Toubro Limited, commonly known as L&T, is an Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was founded by two Danish engineers taking refuge in India. The company has business interests in engineering, construction, manufacturing goods, information technology, and financial services, and has offices worldwide.

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With these technical questions, the interviewer may also ask you some general question such as Tell me something about yourself? What do you know about our company? Some more civil engineering interview questions and answers must be prepared by you. We have some more interview questions and answers for civil engineers, it will help you to answer more L&T interview questions for civil engineers.

Q1. What are the functions of a column in a building?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ2. What are the uses of Groynes?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ3. What are the strongest shapes in the building?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ4. How many feet are in 4 square yards?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ5. What is the average density of soil?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ6. What is the ratio of Grades M5, M7.5, M10, M15, M20, M25, M30, M35, M40?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ7. How do you compute the volume of airflow?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ8. Who designed the city of Washington DC?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ9. How do you maintain water pressure?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ10. The mixture of different ingredients of cement is burnt at

L&T Interview QuestionsQ11. The foundations are placed below ground level, to increase

L&T Interview QuestionsQ12. The portion of a brick cut across the width is called

L&T Interview QuestionsQ13. The concrete slump recommended for beams and slabs; is

L&T Interview QuestionsQ14. In jack arch floor, the rise is kept

L&T Interview QuestionsQ15. What is absolute pressure?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ16. What is the meaning of soil reinforcement?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ17. Minimum size of the particles of silt soil, is

L&T Interview QuestionsQ18. Under reamed piles are generally

L&T Interview QuestionsQ19. Describe briefly the various methods of concrete curing.

L&T Interview QuestionsQ20. Sometimes the side of concrete bridges is observed to turn black in colour. What is the reason for this phenomenon?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ21. What reinforcements are used in the process of prestressing?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ22. What are the functions of grout inside tendon ducts?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ23. What is the different type of slump test indications?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ24. Is it worthwhile to carry out tests on particle density of soil particles for geotechnical design?

L&T Interview QuestionsQ25. What are the main reasons for conducting pull-out tests for soil nails?

L&T Interview Questions


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