Sunday, July 21, 2019

10 Ways to Reduce Panic in Life using DoneThing

In this day and age, the mind moves faster than a Mach aircraft at times. All of us have so many things to do since the moment we get up from bed that at times we feel we need to smash a brick on the head and just call quits. Did you ever feel like there was just too much going on and you desperately need some help to sort it all out? Well, fear not my friend, because you now have the perfect solution to your problems.

Introducing DoneThing, your personal assistant whom you can carry around in your phones and through which, you can do just about every possible task. There has never been an app that is as diverse as DoneThing, and there probably never will be. Ab hoga #BhasadKaTheEnd.

To give you an idea of how good it really is( and also to show that we are not just bragging about, here are the top 10 things that you can get done by it:

1. Pay Your Bills:

Be it a normal student or an over-worked entrepreneur, paying bills features on everyone’s to-do list.  Using DoneThing, you can pay all your bills, be it DTH, Electricity or Cell phone in a flash without leaving the comfort of your drawing room.  No more need to stand in queues, DoneThing can do it for you.

2. Order your food and groceries

Why install separate apps for paying bills and ordering food when you can do it all in one go at DoneThing. Be it that high-end Chinese restaurant or the munchies sold by the local store for your midnight cravings, this app ensures you can order the best meals from any store across town at the best rates possible.

3. Skip your Market Trips with DoneThing

You don’t want to step out to buy your daily goods? Well, DoneThing will be your best mate then. Customize your shopping lists & get them all delivered via DoneThing  Anything & everything can be bought by DoneThing on your behalf and delivered to your doorstep.

4. Schedule your daily tasks

Now schedule your to-do list without having to follow up with your DoneThing assistant. From booking a cab, ordering coffee or lunch to delivering your parcels & doing your laundry, they take care of all your needs.

5. Send Couriers from Home

Forgot to send out the courier? Worry not because DoneThing has this handled. You don’t have to step out anymore! Just get it picked up from your doorstep!

6. Deliver documents, parcels and more

Need to send some items out urgently but don’t know how to? Use DoneThing to complete these tasks and ensure your business is not bogged down by unnecessary delays and improve your customer satisfaction levels.

7. Has your back in panic situations

Lost your only key? Have a flat tyre in the middle of the road? Ran out of petrol? Forgot your wallet at home? Worry not because DoneThing your personal assistant is always around in even the stickiest of situations. When stuck in a problem just ask for help!

8. Get home repairs done

Know that feeling of disgust and frustration when you need a thing to be fixed in your house but all the plumbers and electricians and masons seem to be busy just then? Breathe in and relax, because DoneThing has got this as well. Using our local directories and help experts, you can get the odd home repairs, be it the kitchen chimney or the leaking drawing room roof done right away without breaking a sweat.

9. Ask for help on Livechat

Have a doubt or need to have a question answered as soon as possible? Well, you can ask for an opinion or a solution from our experts on the chat any time of the day and you shall get your reply right away.

10. Keeping you on schedule

We get it — You are busy and have a host of things to do all day, and you could really do with a PA who organizes all your stuff for you. With DoneThing, you can do that too. Our revolutionary technology not only addresses all your day-to-day problems but also categorizes the things you need to get done throughout the day. So be it attending a meeting or arriving on time for a date, DoneThing is your go-to app for sorting your life out.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the Google App Store and download DoneThing right away and put an end to all your regular problems.


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