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Have A Field You Want To Pursue Your Future In? BA Probably Has A Specialization In It!

A lot of students are brought up believing that a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts is worthless and that anything less than an Engineering Degree or Medical Degree is worthless, and the least anyone should have is a Commerce Degree. But people couldn’t be any more wrong.

The Bachelor’s of Arts degree offers specialization in almost every aspect in various career fields. Be it a teacher in an Institute, or become to pursue a career in Linguistics, or become a person who studies law. BA opportunities are endless.

And in our country, we never run short on Colleges/Universities, and with a course in BA, a student has endless opportunities for them to choose from. A BA degree from some of the top BA colleges in India would immensely help an individual pursue a field that he/she wants to specialize in.

But what are some of the best fields a BA graduate can pursue their career in?The fields are endless but, if you’re looking

The fields are endless but, if you’re looking for good career opportunities, your best bets are:


BA students have the option to specialize in languages such as Arabic, Hindi, English, French, Spanish, etc. With a growing demand for Linguistics, a BA graduate with knowledge in any of the languages can work as a teacher and teaching career is rewarding if the individual has the passion for it.


Economics is a subject that is extremely dynamic and would require specialized knowledge and skills to be a good economist. BA in economics is would be extremely rewarding if the individual graduates from a well-recognized university, and in India there are many. A BA degree from Madras School of Economics is highly valued and would pave way for a successful future for the student. The university believes in equipping the students with industrial exposure and provides real world experiences and knowledge that would help build the character of the students and provide some of the best economists with a successful career.

Journalism and Mass Communication

Almost every citizen of this country reads a newspaper or watches the news. Every day, there is something new trending or there is something tragic that occurred. But there is always news. The journalists are always in demand and working and the best journalists are some of the most successful people.

And one thing about journalists, that no other field can offer is the level of influence they have over the public. If the individual has enough passion and experience for this field, they can become some of the most influential people in the country.


With a growing industry, music has become one of the leading industries in the world. A BA degree in Music is all anyone would want who wants to make a career in music. If done well, it would lead to fame and wealth, and maybe even international recognition.


Almost everyone likes a good photograph. Some people like to see photographs, whereas others have the passion for capturing them. Almost everyone who takes an Arts degree in Photography has a passion for it and with the right amount of hard work and effort, can turn this career into a very rewarding one.

Photographers for big companies like National Geographic are paid a huge amount for their photographs and if the individual wants to pursue an independent career, they could sell their photographs to magazines or companies.So What Are Some Of The Most Prominent Arts Colleges In The Country?

So What Are Some Of The Most Prominent Arts Colleges In The Country?

India has some really good B.A. colleges, and the students have a wide variety of colleges they could pursue their course in. Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi is one of the top BA colleges in India. LSR offers some of the best BA degrees in Journalism and elementary education and a degree from here would boost the career opportunities in their respective subjects.

Another College that proves to be extremely good for a BA degree is St. Stephen’s College. Established in 1881, this college is one of the oldest in Delhi. St. Stephen’s College is one of the most renowned institutions, and it is also ranked among the best colleges in the country for both science and arts courses. It was one of three original constituent colleges of Delhi

It was one of three original constituent colleges of Delhi University. Another one of the best places to get a degree in BA would be Christ University. This institution has proved its mettle in science and mainly commerce and has been listed among the top in these respective subjects.

The Arts program at Christ is also one of the best in the country, and it offers specializations such as English, languages, media studies, music, philosophy, economics, theology, education, social work, psychology, sociology,performing arts and theatre.


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